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Whirlwind Vs Bladestorm (knights opinion)

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  • Whirlwind Vs Bladestorm (knights opinion)

    While this question really is only a factor for arena anyways, just curious if any of you advance 80 knights are preferring this new aoe over our old one.

    Right now mine's lvl2 so it's 152%+400 with 15% qte and 6% debuff on enemies healing.

    Ideally if you had the starting rage or high enough rage rune, with the new medallion and such you could use both either way. It'd be like whirlwind>Slasher>Rage rune>bladestorm/EDD I figure for arena anyways. Which would free up a rune action for chaos/bruality/healing rune during sylph.
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    Bladestorm looks really cool and does damage. I still prefer whirwind because it cost 50- 20 use bladestorm u got have 100 rage. If you got chaosed it is waste of 100 rage.


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      Seems far too weak for my likes. WW is only 7 sec CD with maxed talent so clearing troops is easy, and in arena you're better off using skills like mars/apollo/intercept and then sylphing for the kill. Have had a few opponents use it and it barely did 10k damage even from strong-ish opponents lol


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        ww + ult slasher is a much better bang for your rage buck
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          If WW did the paltry amount of damage it says it does, then blade storm would be worth something (other than a nifty animation). But when you compare 134% (my estimate) * 1.25 = 167%, at 7s cd and 50 rage, vs. 160% * 1.15 = 184%, at 25s cd and 100 rage, it's really marginal at best. The heal reduction is too small to even factor in, given how common over-heals are. Other skills are so much more valuable (mars' will) that it just doesn't make sense to bring it.

          Not to mention that you need to spend a ton of skill points to even get it that high; at level 2 it's barely better than WW (and level 1 obviously worse). Plus WW has a chance of a significant bleed, giving you potentially an extra ~40% damage (more if under IS/apollo/etc.).

          I suppose if you have a good rage rune and nothing better (like chaos), it might be worth something for the small extra damage, but how many knights have invested in a rage rune?

          Basically, if you have a reason to use blade storm (other than for the heck of it), it's because you made some mistakes.