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Mount Events

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  • henriquevtm
    started a topic Mount Events

    Mount Events

    Gambling is a good one event, like you did every time.
    But some people, like me, don't like to gamble. I will make a suggestion:

    Make the events like they r now, but, put one more thing: Sell the event fragment, only it, no chances for getting nothing more, by an specific amount of balens.

    Ex: Holy Forge Chest: 39 balens
    Divinity Force: 39 balens.

    For those who likes to gamble will buy the chest, for those who don't like, will buy only the quest item.
    Think about it, please.

  • Draggyy
    they thought about it, in the past we were receiving 1 event item for sure from those chests, however is more profitable for them with the gambling system when we have no idea how many more chests we need to we keep buying

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  • princestewii
    If bound balens could be used then why not

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