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Remuve pointless System message

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  • Remuve pointless System message

    could remove pointless System message like "xxx received lvl9 luck stone" "xxx received lvl3 gem".
    Those messages are just total spam and noone cares if someone got a lvl3 gem .)
    Past events in mind, huge amount of garbage on system messages.


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    Best option for those wanting to see all those pointless messages, make a new filter where those go. Then maybe we can read the posts for help an such instead of this person(s) getting a buttload of gems. Only the person receiving really should see all that, unless it truly is something worthy to brag about. L6 up gems would be worth the brag. Even the Divine Light message should be seen only in Wilds. Why would I care for Divine light on an mpd or event? I certainly ain't gonna stop for 10 seconds time to search wilds....