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    Tbh people should just put petty differences aside and merge all the guilds on their servers together regardless, yes there's pve content but eventually that's dries up, which is contained to your server. The bulk of the game play expirence is cross server, so when you think about it it's better for everyone to work together from one server over complaining about this person or that person. Just my opinion in terms of guild merging.

    As for the op's point I don't really see this happening no offense, even if it did happen on chinese servers (which I doubt) consider we wouldn't see anything for a year at the earliest anyways. By then your guild will either have merged (due to inactive players etc etc, who really wants to play a game by themselves, I figure the point people in one guild the more people you have to play with.)anyways or will have the 4mil br.
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      Well, I remembre a few months ago someone osting na analogie between CW and Football tournaments. and I think it aplies in this case also.
      CS are the the UEFA tournaments (in EU) you select teams from each country and they play amongst to see who's the best.
      Not all teams in each country get to play, far from that, 2-3-5 maybe get selected, does that keeps the other hundreds of teams in the country from playing the ntional Campionships?
      Do they quit because they're not going to the UEFA competitons? Did UEFA for more than 50 years killed the National Leagues?
      Or do they enjoy the game and some of them work harder to be in those competitions?
      If you tell me any guild even below the 4M that ranks, let's say for the sake of the argumente, 1st and 2nd in it's server GB should be in, fully agree. Telling that people will quit because something is not given straight into their mouth I disagree. the Human race is better, far better than those amongst us that want all delivered in a silver plater.
      Cheers and good lucvk in CSGB those who are in. Hope to see you in the next one those who are not.

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        [QUOTE=FufuBunnySlayer;1110474]All I can say is that it's a cross server and platform event. You are on Kabam. Kabam is segregated from R2, Kong, etc. for cross-server rankings, but you will see them in the CSGB season. There will be many, many guilds that can participate.

        Highest couple I've seen hover around 16-17m. I'd imagine it would be the same for any time zone (other than maybe oceanic cuz it's so dead).

        the highest you are claiming...... is 12 servers merged into 1 guild. They took every player and put into 1 guild a long time ago and made all the others quit. Then yesterday they moved every other player into 1 guild. 12 servers into 1 guild is the only reason we will win. You all should do this. The rewards are so massive that our guild leader, who acts like a famous evil person, did this
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          I dont understand some people, they talk as if they will never upgrade their charcter br any more, their guild strength will never grow any more and they have absolutely no chance to participate in xgb. Hey newsflash, even if your guild doesnt make it now, the chances you will cover the criterias for next season xgb are close to 100%, believe it or not. So this is just the same old whinefest after every new content update. "I cant identify my clothes, the price is too high, the chance is too small, I will quit", "I cant DF bosses, I will quit", "I cant kill all the bosses in Gods decent, cashers can buy their way to the top, I will quit", "I am too stupid to understand the game, I will quit" So uhm yeah, we have seen all those and they were all proven wrong

          Originally posted by MrFancyPants View Post
          Sure, no one's forced to do anything, but for most people, there's not a lot of point to playing the game if you are excluded from major content/rewards
          How are people excluded? Everyone has the chance to participate in xgb, this season or next, or the next after or when you get strong enough. Just like CW or just like clearing spire for example. Do you go rant in Dantes post clearing spire that your team is too weak to do it and you are excluded from getting max xp and chest and a shiny title?

          Originally posted by MrFancyPants View Post
          If leaving and rejoining guilds wasn't completely restricted, this wouldn't be such a problem. All they needed to do was set it so that you only got rewards if you're in the guild you registered in, and everyone could happily keep up the smaller guilds, joining with the stronger ones temporarily if they chose.
          Are you even serious on this? How is this fair?

          TBH from all these complains looks like some people have absolutely no friends on their server, banished from every guild, they are hated by everyone and now play in a guild with their alts and few other occasional loggers, holding a rank 5-8 spot for gb, so yeah it will be hard for you to meet the criterias, but even you will do some day eventually.

          And statements like "People play this game for other reasons than being strong and dominate" are just WOOOW. Seriously this aint a social dating site to share your selfies with the new clothes and wings you bought. Not your local neighborhood knitting club to chat about your grandchildren. This will never change, so either play the game as it should be played or find another hobby to your needs.


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            I am on r2 s-1. I think it is stupid to be doing such an important event on a sunday night when most of the world has to work on monday. What are tese clowns thinking?


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              I had a response from Proficientcity (Wartune)
              "They will report my suggestion to the r&d department and try to better serve in the future."

              Although they could not let me know how long it will take before they will decide if an alternative is possible or not.
              Fingers crossed


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                I hope more people will file a ticket to r2games or proficientcity to ask for an alternative for Guild with a lower br then 4 million. The more people send in a ticket, the higher the chance they will create something extra.


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                  umm yeah.. i doubt the 22 people you have supporting this idea is going to do it. You'd be better served to redirect your energy in building or joining a 4m br team.