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  • trialpay

    So far seen 6 players with cash gone missin from bank accounts (and yes seen the actuall proof on it :P) without them using it themselfs to buy balens. So. just wondering. how many more are there out there who had the same on that company?

    As the problem is not new one either, been around for months, and amounts on lost monay vary from few 10 eorus to 10k usd...well. kinda curious...

    To clarify, non casher myself. and well. kinda glad i am
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    Non casher and proud of it.

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    Can you please ask the player to provide screenshots of this claim? If they wish to pm me or one of the other mods with it, that's fine, and they can please remove any identifying info. Alternatively, they can create a ticket to the billing department with this info as well, as they're quite concerned about this accusation.


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      u just got trolled hard by them or they rechared for some ppl that and forgot to delete the card nr on the acc