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  • Gem spam notice system chat

    I was wondering if R2 is possible to remove the notice in system chat when opening gem packs its quite annoying if 1 or more open up 999 gem packs... its laggy and when you are typing in party chat you will not see who what wrote in there because of the gem spam..

    kind regards

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    yes this would be great. it renders all other chats useless.. we should see no system spam in guild chat, but it's flooded and the channel can not be used for what it's intended for.


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      The aggravating thing is, the chat window has a system tab where msgs like this could be kept contained, why the hell doesn't the game use it? And not just gem spam either, I don't really care that some dude got help catching a fish, or that someone got 1 damn whip from guild blessing or w/e. At least with guild chat, you can open it in its own separate window, but party/world, forget it. And we're getting more gem packs with the bounty quest tonight
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