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Since search didnt help...

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  • Since search didnt help...

    i got a short question:
    is this a pay to win game? or free players can compete too?
    a definite answer could help me decide if the game worth a shot or not

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    this is a very pay to win game. There is no way to obtain socketing rods (to the best of my information) Which gives a huge advantage. You get a set number of them that help you out. But, ultimately you will need more later with noway of getting them besides the almighty dollar.


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      The game is worth playing hands down. I enjoy it. But it is a P2W game. Free players will struggle simply because of the socketing rods and those cash players able to spend money to buy gold as they need. But all in all its worth playing if you accept you won't be a top player.

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        thanks for answers...seems its not my game:P paying for premium membership or sth wouldnt be a prob and some other stuffs
        but paying for each socket...nvm^^ thanks again