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  • Vip

    HELLO,,, i play in server 28 ( ELDOC ) :
    my suggetion is ,, :
    why vip joining is not made as a card like the vip trial card we get,,, and put in store for balens,,, this allows people like me to get it as i have method of purchasing balens but not vip,,, also will make it easier for the vip wanting players to cash in any time and purchase vip from store ,,,than the long recharging sequences of rigestration and pages,,,,,, also if u can manage to make diffrent amounts of vip periods for different prices,,,, like 1 week for 100balen ( just example ) 1 monthe for 300 - discount- like this people can charge diffrent amounts of vip as they like it will increase selling vip too much ,,as u will gain the benefit of having all method of payment for both vip and balens ,,, also players will like it very much ,,u know the compition between players ,,, if i didn't want to use vip and my friend passed me in lvl then i will be encouraged to purchase short acting vip to get extra experience to get him in lvl ,,,, like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hoping u study this suggestion and carry it on quickly thx in advance .

    another suggestion is to make the market like the spin wheel ,,,, so we i open it i spin the wheel and it shows to me the random stuff i can buy and thier prices,,,, players like luck ,,, it is the gambling spirit in people to try chances ,,,,even if it is cost alot money ,,,most people will purchase it just to have the feeling that he won ...except if it is too expensive .

    a third suggestion is to make a way to earn crypt keys ,,, this is to molarize non-casher people,,,, won't change balance of game ,,,but gives the noon-casher peron a feeling that he got something out of his wasted time in game ,,,what is the benefit i gain from crypt event if iam not cashing 75balen each key?!...none!!,,,,so make it for people who spent online time or something like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i really liked the idea in first day when i get prizes jut to be online ,,,, was very fun and each time i make a character i can't leave the screen untill i open all boxes,,,,,,, make some again for players each day and longer the periods ,,,surely make the rewards simplic in nature ,,,even if a crop of 12h would be amazing and i can w8 for it for another 12 hours online !!!

    about the new coming gem converting ......i really didn't like the idea of only transforming gems of p atk to m atk only !!!....make it for useless gems as block and charisma too,,, p def to m def and opposites ,,, also hp ,,,,what u make here is to makeing us watch a very useful feature and not making full use of it ,,,,after few days of releasing people will be angry of not be able to convert other gems ,,,, i garantee this !!

    i have more and more suggetions for the game ,,,,,but i save it for another time ,,,if i felt iam feeled and cared for by the managers ,,,even by a comment to discus the inability of some of my suggetion .

    thx alot and good bye

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    If they create "cards" this will let hacker start into the game. It is easier and more secure to do personal payments. It also keep children from spending money parents don't approve of.


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      didn't get u ,,, why hackers can get through cards ?
      and in both ways children r gonna get the money from dads either if they charged vip or purchased balens ,,so what's the difference


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        hello, i'd like to up this topic.
        Iam using webmoney for paying (other payment methods difficult to use in my country), and its not available to pusrchase a ViP with it.
        and why is idfference in payment methods for balens and vip?
        i'll be glad to read some answers and/or suggestions) thank for your attention and sorry for bad english


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          well u must not chek much as thers like 17 opcions for vip phone game card bank transfer pay pall comming soon sell ur frends


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            sory, take my words back, its available when u purchasing from main site, not from ingame)
            Last edited by R2883595; 10-12-2012, 07:53 AM. Reason: found it ^^