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Surviving World Boss big hit

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  • Surviving World Boss big hit

    Hi guys, can u tell me what stats i need to survive wb big hits even i block all 4 hits?

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    I dont think there is a set stat, but I wouldn't think about it until I had at least 250hp and 35k m/p def. Resistance plays a roll regardless of what the experts will tell you in other threads.


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      I play archer and can survive Redoga's Drake ultimate atk , there are few things that you must consider in order to survive :
      ( these are my stats , I dont know the minimun required)

      1- 5.5k block
      2- 260 hp
      3- 470 electro resist ( or any other element )
      4 - 41 k pdef and 32 k mdef

      I am an archer so I use IS + guardian to survive it , works often ( I use hp scroll also to help me , just in case if I dont block )
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        its easy with knights/archers and much harder with mage

        u need dmg reduction knights Apollo (agoran can help to if u are weaker) but most on my server knights around 200kbr+ don't use either of those ....hp passive and knight tenacity helps

        at archer u can use inc shot or guardian rune or both to survive ....they like knights got hp passive so around 200kbr +

        and for mages well they got lowest hp of 2 classes so very higher br is needed or simple guardian rune to use like me lvl 9 now it is....220k br (210k hp) (but u can go much lower with guardian rune and if block procreate)

        don't know which pdef or mdef helps against bosses never tested

        also redoga is easy to survive and wolfie somehow do insane ammounts of dmg (so don't try to survive him)


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          easiest way to survive as knight is with mars will (costs lots of rage though). as archer/mage high lvl guardian rune.
          if you want to survive without use of skills/runes then work on your hp, resistance and goddess blessing astral. you also want to upgrade your astral slot for this one.


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            As most of the people said before, there isn't an exact stat limit, but you should notice a significant reduction in wb damage after:
            1. Upgrading passive % damage reduction
              • Goddess Blessing (if possible 30%+)
              • Damage reducing talent (if possible 14%)
              • Your electro resist or possibly your highest resist (get that resist to 470 or close)
              • Knight damage reduction skill
            2. Upgrading active % damage reduction
              • Guardian Rune (38%+ should be more than enough)
              • Incendiary for archers, Agoran/Mars Will for Knights, Restoration for Mages
            3. Upgrading all the other defensive stuff
              • Illusion (you'll feel a difference above 20% chance)
              • PDEF, HP - these stats are just generally good to upgrade, especially HP
              • Block - in the beginning it's absolutely necessary to block attacks (even though I managed to block well with 1-2k block, I'd recommend at least 6-7k for it to be more reliable)
            4. Knowing when to use all this
              • First boss seems to deal a lot more damage than the second one
              • If you just want to survive, use the mentioned tactics; however if you're aiming to maximize your gains from the boss, maybe surviving at the cost of a few rounds and a lot of rage isn't that profitable (but it is more fun)

            Things in bold are the things I think are the most important.


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              world bosses dont have a resistance, they are void type
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                What do boss resistances matter when surviving the last hit?


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                  yea just for notice any dmg resistance from mage don't stack with guardian rune,dmg reduction from restor and that mana shield are overwritten with guardian rune best bet for mages is guardian rune since it gives more dmg resistance than those 2 things pluns fast cast no rage cost and rage gain

                  don't waste on mana shield its waste of points ,use guardian rune if u need dmg resist
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