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will we ever have hall of fame event this year ?

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  • will we ever have hall of fame event this year ?

    cant believe they skipping out on this event, I want golden wings

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    Seeing there is no set month for a HoF event (even though the stubborn rumour is that September is always HoF month, which is *not* true), I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    So, no one is "skipping" on anything.
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      Well events either return in same sequence or in some kind of alternating sequence,
      no wonder players get "stubborn" or "rumour" start.

      I think this is a good question, how ever most of the answer is also good.

      Will see when we get it and if we get it..
      And then we will also see if they make a mess out of it like last time ;-)