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I have a problem

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  • I have a problem

    I finished yesterday some daily quests seven to the number but I can not collect
    rewards the seven appear and clear completed

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    same here
    Click image for larger version

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    it's a bug, i have a lot of quest showing completed but can't collect.

    it's in the announcement. this is a bug and supposedly would fix after server reset at 5 and something about they changed from 12:00am to 12:00pm or something vise versa.

    just gotta wait for them to fix this bug. i got the same thing..i can't complete any quest now suddenly when it's past 12 now..
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      better not too I think I do not allow to spend time


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        normal anyone can tell that it's bug


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          UPDATE: We've learned that the problem is daily quests are re-appearing on the Quest panel before the reset time. As such you can do the quest and complete it, but because the quests haven't actually reset, you can't collect the rewards until after the server reset time. We currently suspect that time the Daily Quests reappear on your Quest Panel was flipped from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM server time, creating a 12 hour window where you can complete quests you collected during the last 12 hours, but won't be able to collect again for another 12.
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            It's easy to make a ctrl+V but that's not the answer you are looking for


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              where is quest revard ? I see nowhere in so many games played I have never seen something should be treated with more respect as dewar new play not with ctrl + v and about it's bug let's be serious