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  • Mods.

    So I am curious on what the purpose of a mod is when they log in Post a big bullhorn you message them an they log out. we do have questions we need answers for an cant seem to find the answers on the forums. Since apparently only the developers know the answers.

    DG from s470

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    I think you are confusing two seperate roles here.

    Mods or Moderators (like me) work on the forum. We keep the place clear of rude language, SPAM, arguments and in general we try to keep it running smoothly here.

    In the game, there are Mentors, they use Big Bullhorns. They are there to offer in game advice, help and to answer player questions.

    Both are volunteer positions, so when you talk to them, you're really just talking to another player like yourself. What are the questions you have? I'll answer them if I can. If you have a problem with either: you can talk to them directly, or submit a ticket and speak to a GM about your problems.
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