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  • Guild BR & Cross Server GB

    Speaking purely from a tactical viewpoint in an attempt to excel at cross server guild battle. I want to discuss the double edged sword of guild BR Vs effective guild strength on the cross server GB battlefield.

    In my opinion: you need the strong players, but a low guild BR.

    So taking the 40-45 strongest players on a server (5 reserve players should be enough) and no others is the best way to place highly in the prelims. If my interpretation is correct.

    The strongest players you can muster is obvious, the lower guild BR, makes for easier opponents - as most guilds have gone all out to increase their BR as much as possible. This is where the double edge comes in: close battles are decided on BR, so a low BR is bad. Not that given this tactic, you'd face a guild of any real challenge as most of it's BE would be weaker players.

    How many guilds (assuming that once this season ends, another one starts) are going to be dumping all their little players?
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    Your downside isn't the only one, close battles aside low BR won't win you finals unless you've completely decimated your opponents, but if another guild has same wins / bigger BR they'll take higher rank (even if you've beaten them).

    In any case let's see how the rest of the weeks play out, right now it seems like a plausible scenario but who knows.


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      High BR
      pros: advantage in ties/ranking. tougher fights so more prepared for when it matters
      cons: tougher fights

      Low BR:
      pros: easy fights/ may get better rank in pre-lims
      cons: lose tie/higher risk if you run into another guild using same strat and destroy your overall rank. easy fights so unprepared for real fights

      I would put low br guilds have surprize factor but all top guilds scout out servers the week before anyway.

      My guild is personally keeping all of our members.

      and tip: dont be a jerk and kick people just strip when you registrar.


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        I've been thinking about this for a bit - if you strip and others do not, you can win up to one more battle. If everyone strips we're back at the start. If you don't strip and others do, you might win one battle less.

        Since there are 5 possible outcomes for a guild (winning 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 battles) I am guessing it'll take about 3 battles to pass into the finals, so this should matter for almost everyone in bigger guilds.

        Assuming we get ranked by wins with the tiebreaker being points and a secondary tiebreaker being BR, your rank in the end is hardly going to depend on your BR (unless you get 4 wins, but in that case you'll pass in the first group anyway). The whole stripping tactic currently also assumes the guild BR is taken only once, at the start.

        Why is stripping good:

        As long as your matchup gets determined by BR you will get weaker opponents. This happens in the 1st battle and for as long as you can keep a winning streak!

        Why is stripping bad:

        Everyone will do it so the only advantage it will give is going back to the status quo, but at the price of additional work.