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what is best for sylph build

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  • what is best for sylph build

    i want to know who best pve like wilds and sky trial and vs archers and knight
    1 - amazon queen blue 4 star with used about 400 sepulc
    2 - Eve Blue 1 star with used 150 sepluc
    i ask becuse atm i got 150 spelcu and 150 mahra that i think enuogh
    for build up new eve blue quailty so what u guys think

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    Archers are knights are weaker in mdef so Eve would be a good one for since she uses Matk. Her limitations is her Delphic why one of the strongest it can only hit one target and might hit the wrong target ie a troop rather then player. Amazon Queen from what I can remember use Patk and can do damage to multiple targets although not as much damage as Eve. I have seen a few mages using Amazon Queen. As a knight I prefer facing Amazon Queen to an Eve.

    Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


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      Originally posted by DarkMeph View Post
      As a knight I prefer facing Amazon Queen to an Eve.

      thx for relpay but i also want ask alot of ppl say eve got higher crit rate but when i look to eve skills i not found any
      skille with crit increase as archers skills alll of it got crit chance from 20 % to 100%