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Too Many Servers?

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  • Too Many Servers?

    Hello. I am currently playing on Server 11. It seems that because of all of these new servers it's driving all the new and older players to these new servers. Because of this, there's quite a few unactive players that I assume are joining a new server to get ahead of others as fast as possible. It makes it almost impossible to recruit new guild players, add more farm buddies, etc. I would say to stop adding servers and add older servers to the recommended list to get more players active again. Just my opinion. I'm up for debate.

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    this topic way too many now its all about "money". as long there are players who want to be top dogs they will continue to make new servers. If they want

    to get ahead they'll surely buy 1st payment option and VIP income for r2 right.

    so i would suggest just continue to plevel ur char there will be server merge anyway hope so..