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Great game and possible improvements

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  • Great game and possible improvements

    The game events such as World Boss, wilds hunting, battleground and minigames are awesome but it has to come with synchronizing timing with players across all the over world. After the marriage system update, the game seems to be abit more romantic, with items like soul crystals becoming easier to obtain, yet lacks the necessity to include those who are free to play. Not to mention, with wilds shop added in, the game gets more thrill in slaying wilds monsters.

    For the time being, here are some suggestions that may interest many players (prioritize according to level of importance):
    Here are the top 10 -

    1. Server timing of events is pretty fixated... there are many times many of my friends (including me) miss out on guild battle and double amethyst mines bcos they have work to pursue in daily life. How about having these events closer but after the reset hour of the server. That's when most of my friends come online. If battlegrounds can occur so often daily, I don't see why other events can't be the same.

    2. Lvl 50 sylph atoll.. can it be improved such that the yield of drops is either greater, a way to blitz them using gold/daru and a possibility of better drops of items
    (i.e. sylph scroll, mahra, sepulcrum)

    3. More target rewards for lvl 50-80, besides the level chest that is sitting in the inventory. The same as how it can be done for 7-10day target rewards. Possibly mahra and sylph speculrum, resistance crystal shards, etc... (more items that are useful at higher levels to help players as they level up). Remember, this is the motivation to keep players going (playerbase retention), so that they will continue in the game with achievable goals in their hearts and minds.

    4. Shadow crystals - these are "epic" items with a purple code for it, so it should be considered as a valuable item... then at least show it. I know many players don't complete guild quest bcos of too much exp given to them.
    How about enabling shadow crystals for wilds shop exchange... and also make into a synthesizing material for amethyst or a shadow chest with nice rewards inside (rewards is for you to decide) If not, then at least have an event for exchanging of shadow crystals for something good

    5. Add very rare items: Major Hp pack, extreme stamina potion, roses, crypt keys, resistance crystal shards, mount whips into arena league shop

    6. Items such as 1 mount whip from guild bless and 1 balen from fishing should have been more in quantity. Try giving a rounded number, bcos I don't see why soul crystals can come in 10 at a time from chest drops and circuit quest, while these rare items cannot

    7. Lvl 50 legend stones should be synthesizable from lvl 40 stones in ratio (1:10), if all other items can be done, I don't see why this one can't be

    8. Chest drops from monsters in solo campaigns.. most of the time if not all.. monsters killed in these dungeons don't drop anything at all
    Give us the ability to choose whether to use stamina for the campaign rewards, similar to choosing to use attempts or not for multiplayer dungeons.
    If possible, update with hero mode for solo campaigns.

    9. Battleground is imbalanced in terms of battle rating even across a range of levels. I've seen a lvl 45 with 45-60k BR...
    Possibly regulate the battleground to say that if being plundered more than 5 times, player obtains protection buff until s/he wins another player. Dryads blessing can still continue to take effect, and also grant them increased possibility of superior yield from battleground carting

    10. Daru mines in the wilds (yes, I read this one from somewhere before, and I feel it's good bringing it up here)

    Other possible things to include:
    11. More Titles: Faithful friend (requirements: lvl 5 friendship level; bonus: +5% bonus on all stats when both players are in battle together). Wartune Fanatic (spent 1 month on wartune; +20charm). Star collector (collect all astrals with at least orange; +150Hp pts). Gem master (Own a lvl 8 gem; + 100atk and defence pts). Mount trainer (own a lvl 3 mount stable; +10 boost for all stats on mounts)

    12. Wilds hunting:
    - monster hunting rewards attempts refreshes 2 times daily
    - a minimap for all players (show the trail that has been covered by hero travelling across the wilds map for the past 30mins to 1hr and a marker to locate the hero's position, they are also allowed to navigate their hero from the minimap) -> purchased at 20,000 gold to show up daily
    - radar can be purchased at 2000 kyanite or 10,000 daru per use (players can turn filters such as non-/elite monsters and bosses on or off depending on what they are searching for; upon use, the minimap will have red spots to show up and flash for about 1-2 seconds before going off)

    13. For free to play, chest drops or devotion shouldn't drop items that is VIP tokens or require unbound balens to open. Roses or bound balens can be in place since they are rare items that are harder to be obtained

    14. More minigames like pong 1v1 game random matchup with friends on same server (rewards is for you to decide)

    15. Bound and unbound system of items when stacked is ridiculous and not player friendly... pls look into this

    Pls review my post and tell me what you think..
    And do let us know whether it fits in or not and how long till it can be possibly implemented. Thx! ^.^
    Last edited by Imonseph; 10-12-2014, 01:42 PM. Reason: updating suggestion list
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    and sc engraving event ^-^


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      Would be really nice to see [mounts] that occurr in event boxes to be obtainable as such:

      1) Farm mount seeds (100 balens each) - yields a single mount shard (cannot be stolen)
      collect 50 to synthesize [chubby guinea pig]

      2) Shadow crystals - gather 2500 to synth [ghost tiger]

      3) Dimension mounts
      * amazon (fire) - killing guardians may also have 10-20% drop for mount shard
      (collect 35x to synthesize [molten dragon])
      * eve (electro) - collect 35x mount shards from slaying guardians to synth [thunder beast]
      * pan (wind) - collect 35x mount shards to synth [hawkstrider]
      * iris (water) - collect 20x mount shards to synth [plump hippo]
      * hades (dark) - collect 50x mount shards to synth [manticore]
      * apollo (light) - collect 50x mount shards to synth [furious chimera]

      4) world boss - get top 3 in overall rank to obtain 5 mount shards
      collect 100 to synthesize [cloud sailor]

      Something close to this setup would definitely be appreciated
      Remember that wartune is still a trading and goal setting game for all players..
      "Why so glum? As if you ate a sour plum,
      Why so grim? I think you need some pimple cream,
      Why so serious? :-o "

      "Game disappointment? If the game won't change, then just change your game! (you play)"