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group buy dosnt work with big spender

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  • group buy dosnt work with big spender

    as topic states its not working together which is kinda lame very rare i spend on the game and getting 100 war boxes for a reduced price and being able to get 2 lots of the big spender done at the same time seamed like a great idea

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    I did the same thing. You would think that R2 would of said something with the players in Oceanic reporting the issue. All the balens from group buy should be given back but it wont because again Oceanic ahead and did not have it happen.


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      i did the same thing at like 1 am east server time. then i get up this afternoon to see them spamming that it dosent count

      after they gave us enough time to think it did

      not like i was spending up to 30k balens used or anything high end like that using the group buy option...
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      MysterA uhhh 1.3 mil br
      Slyph orange Hecate 136k br