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Different text color (option!!!) for GM and A-GM and block PM option.

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  • Different text color (option!!!) for GM and A-GM and block PM option.

    I guess most guilds set their ToA to shortly before GB so they can see who is online and set the list and teams based on that.

    Now with all the fruits and stuff collected and "current" no option because not everyone stays in the chamber after energizing it would be nice to have the option to switch the color of text to something like yellow so the announced tower teams and strategy stand out in guild chat. But if you consider this please make it optional, I don´t want to "stand out" all of the time.

    Oh and overall: Please give us an option to block PM. Not sure if other GM feel the same terrors but all the messages during the time you think about strategy "can I be on the list?" "put me in pls", it annoys the hell out of me. I am doing my "job", leave me alone!

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    That has been mentioned before in this topic which is trying gain suggestion to improve guild management. I do believe it would be a good idea for them to have to ability to change Colours when they have something important to announce

    Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


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      This could be a good idea, but considering we can use messaging for all of this, or just plan before or after tree, i am not real sure how far it would go.