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  • Info on arena matchmaking

    Hey guys,it seems that the official formula was not released so far,so I'm just trying to share what I've noticed so far that actually makes sense.

    I've seen alot of people complaining about the fact that they face the same teams over and over,people complaining that they face higher level,complaining that they face monsters and so on.

    If we add up all that here si what makes sense to me:
    Since the league system was implemented,the system is trying to match people that belong to the same league,and as a second criteria,of the same level.If no such match is found,probably because there are no other teams queueing at the moment,then the system expands the search to the other leagues and level ranges.

    Lets say that there are 3 teams in total queueing:team A(level 80 gold) team B(level 80 gold) and team C(level 70 diamond).There are no other teams queueing at that time,just those 3.
    If team C is the first to queue,because there is no other positive match to it,it gets put in the same zone as the other teams,therefore it meets a higher br team,such as A or B.

    As an answer to most complaints that lower level players meet level 80s...
    Since you are camping at a lower level,you probably meet low level teams at the start,and get your points up preety fast,and as a conclusion you will climb through the leagues fast.At some points,your team will be the only team at that level queueing,therefore the system will find you higher level matches.I guess it's a price to pay for staying lower level and somewhat reasonable if you ask me because a 50k br level 50 player shouldn't get the same ammount of insignias as a 300k br level 80.In a way,it works like classwars.

    Well,that is just what I've noticed so far,and my personal opinion,I have started this thread to see if others have different ideas on how the system could work regarding matchmaking,so please feel free to disagree with me and share your opinions here.