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wild reset

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  • wild reset

    why we must wait 2h for a reset? after 30 minutes is really too hard find something.

    why we can't have reset every 30 minutes and that all the monsters not killed not disapears? is very annoying ot kill a boss only for time cd.

    and why in night we have so high cd?? in night i would go to kill something but i must waste 2-3h for nothing.

    why in erandel we not have boss normal elitè lvl 40? if i not wrong i've found some elitè 40 but are too rare.

    if we die we should respawn where we was and not in us city.
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    This sounds good but in my personal opinion would not work as you think. The time set they have i believe is to keep one or a group of people from going around killing everything and others not having the chance to find anything. Also, could you imagine searching through the fog and only having 30 minutes before reset to find and kill what you need? As far as the level 40's go some monsters/elites/bosses are easier to find on other maps. We have the energy cores dropped, which gives us more energy which can be used for teleporting to different areas. Yes the wilds are a bit annoying but if developers made everything easy in a game, in my opinion it would take all of the challenge out.


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      I believe they are bosses on other maps. Every one cries out there is a boss in Erandal but I found lvl 70 boss in Murken forest before. I think the night time cool down because the server is supposed to be left active since every in the server time zone would be a sleep. I do know on my Server we have a few people from the US and other parts of the world so there are quite a few people on. It would be nice if you are fighting the monster that it would not run away when the reset happens.

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