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Knight sylph - evolved class choice

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    Originally posted by R27355993 View Post
    What i'm getting out of this (which validated my understanding) - Herc is best suited for knights pvp (except mages). For group pvp, pve and pvp mages aegis is better. At this point it's debatable if enhancing an aegis is useful if you already have a strong herc.

    Sooo ..if you're a knight - go for Herc, unless you have a hades/aegis at start (meaning your are likely a cashier)
    Very True, also i'd like to add in the 300k+ brs it will be easy to come alive outa sylph as i have seen in VixenQueen classwars it was amazing how she/he won by default few times there so it wont be about getting 1 shotted as everyone experiencing this. and as far i understand why Herc damage is so huge that actually the BR of sylphs is being 90k+ and thats huge cus u can tell ppl now being 200k+ and yeah the sylph is half their BRs ( if its maxed tho) thats why u get 1 shotted but if u come to think about ppl 350k+ they get huge hp and high BR outta sylph damage.
    Name: Executioner
    Class: Critical Knight
    Sylph: Hercules **
    Server: S42 (Kabam)
    Currently Battle Rate: 251K
    Guild: Paradox