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Poll: Which is the Best Internet Browser to run Wartune in?

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    i use the miniclient, but use Maxthon for some other thing ingame, like searching in maps since MC do otn have full screen mode.
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      Originally posted by Arlad View Post
      my post mysteriously disappear and there was nothing offensive in there.
      good job, mods.
      Originally posted by Brutal_Hobo View Post
      mine too, what do we do about this?
      Stop you whining. The first time the Mentor tried to post this poll, it had an issue. You replied to that thread. This second try is created *after* you two replied, so it couldn't be merged back into this thread.

      So: type what you have to say again. Won't hurt you.
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        FF and Opera... FF was first now the last one is the main because flash doesn t crush as much for me. On ff I get with 2 games or 1 game and 1 movie, flash crush every hour or even more often.


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          I did a RAM partition to store Flash Player data and also I added FF cache to it.Loading times seem to have gotten better. I tried also Chrome with FRQc, works well too. I dunno if the miniclient is based on IE browser, I tried loading IE cache to RAM as well but still it lags faster then the other 2 browsers, so currently I stopped using the miniclient.
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            Generally Speaking , any Browser with good algorithm ( GPU acceleration , etc ) and Latest Adobe flash player is OK.



            FF is fabulous.

            Chrome and Opera now is equal , since decided to change their engine to Chromium

            Chrome with Disabling Built-in Flash Player is not bad ..

            While IE is a Tragedy

            IE in Windows 8++ have Embedded Flash player .

            but unlike Google , IE Built - in Flash Player is Un-disable-able .
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