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which set should i get?

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  • which set should i get?

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    where should i go with this
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    Originally posted by frankgarcia964 View Post
    this is my current note i have no crystal loids
    Generally it's a good idea to have the highest set for your level,which would be the level 70 set.
    If there are people on your server or guild willing to help you get that,considering your BR,then that would be the one to go for.
    If you can't find such a thing,just get a lower one until you can handle running LL without having to ask for help.

    Also,if it was me,I would change that chestpiece first.


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      ummm wth have you been doing all this time?
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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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        Pick up the 55 set from arena shop asap, and then start running nm den/DT until you can make the 60 set. Your BR is too low for nm Lych at the moment.


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          Originally posted by Brutal_Hobo View Post
          ummm wth have you been doing all this time?
          Also why would someone with so little inventory space use up over 1/6 of that space with green treasure maps :/


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            If you got high lvl friends ask them bring you to Lynch nightmare, most of us can run it alone already, if your server new then you go moon nightmare or dt nm teams. but S71 is so old there sure are high lvl players already if most of them aren't quited ones. and throw those green treasure maps away you can pick every day 5 when you need those


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              If you got full sets don't change parts for it before you get full set. just looking that chest piece.


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                nice toon Antiapartheid.


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                  Start over with another toon, this one its a waste and you`ll never make it right.
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                    Do not go for a 60 set, it takes up too much crypt tokens and insignias. Go for 50 set then run lych norm or nm. lynch norm will give you enough loids for good set to run lych nm (unless you have others that can help). The unlimited events will help you run lych more easy..but do not waste going for 60 set

                    60 set was good before, but not know with all the different events to make you stronger. You should have 100k+ br with 50 set with events


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                      My suggestions:|

                      I can tell you have charisma gems ditch em for more matk. The KEY THING for any character in my opinion is focus on attack as a primary goal. You can't get anywhere in this game with low attack because you won't make enough gold from wb.

                      Next yeah ditch those maps, that sylph essence and recycle those silly blues in the inventory.

                      Stop buying medallions it won't help you right now instead buy loids for 50/60/70+set which ever you can manage. If you're not in a guild with a level 10 shop you better move to one asap. Dump all your gold on the legend stones and guild blessing wheel (for socket rods) for the set you decide to make, ontop of running your mpd daily.(Personally from your stand point I'd do as they suggest and go for 60 set, you can even buy 1 of each shard you'll need daily from that guild shop.)
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                        this is what ive been doing

                        what should i do now?
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                          i would suggest u start over with new toon in new server. u can get to 50k br in just couple months these days but without reaching such a high level like 72 as u r tight now. i would say try to hit 50k br at around lv 50. be aptient. gl!


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                            exchange your set to the ones in hot event, then make it legendary. those arena gears are almost useless now.
                            Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                            Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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                              You really havent improved alot. Either you let them drag you through LL NM so you can make a decent gear or even through moon nm or join a newer server. I was at lvl 56 with 70k+ br when you 1st made this post so you most be doing something extremely wrong not to be even over 100k with sylph br added
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