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wondering on event postings here

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  • wondering on event postings here

    mods/mentors/gm's can anwser this.

    Aaanyhow, just been poppin on to other providers on wartune out off curiosity. Seems they post events prehand, meanin all events includin so called "hidden" ones like sc/whips.
    soo just pondering, why is it not done here?
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    I had to edit that out because linking to other platform's versions of WT is not according to the forum rules, sorry.

    As to why? I don't know, but it's as frustrating to you as it is to us. Maybe they want to keep an element of surprise? Like "Tada! Look at this awesome event!" But who knows.
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      an element of "prematurely cash on stuff"
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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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        yap it is frustrating as ya said.
        just feels kinda idiotic that we all know the event is coming by lookin them up before hand and fill up forum here by postin the info gotten from other WT version forums (or blogs/fansites/so on)....And still se it posted here, well. about 10h after it started(more on oceanics).

        "come to forums, get the latests news..." wll, um nooo :P
        Kabam -57 Archer
        Kabam -67 Knight
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          when are we having a whip event, no make that gem event, or is it sc event..or maybe apollo/hall of fame event ...or is it unlimited, do they give out boxes

          Even if these were posted, it may cause more confusion or headaches ...people will want them changed