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  • Trading

    Does anyone else agree with me that it should be a trading post? And why is there none..?

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    Read this.

    Well, I would love to have trading. But the biggest problem would be Multi-Accounts (1 person controls more accounts), so he will donate good things from other account to his first account. Many games introduced that so you can get X% of some material your referal earned.

    So that will cause:
    - Much more job for admins
    - Players leaving
    - Innocent players banning
    - Fake reports from players
    - Making multi-accounts on other IPs so admins don't have a reason to ban them
    - And many many more

    By trading and other systems I saw games are ruining and admins know why they wont introduce this.

    So I suggest that everybody thinks about this...


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      Originally posted by Creederz View Post
      Does anyone else agree with me that it should be a trading post? And why is there none..?
      Hello Creederz.Thank you for taking your time to share your ideas with us.
      I have seen this subject being discussed before quite a few times,and what I can say,is that there is no official information on if it will be implemented or not.
      The opinions on this topic were pretty divided.Some players liked the idea,some just thought it would unbalance the game.
      My personal opinion is,that if it is ever implemented,some special attention needs to be directed towards not letting people exploit it,because it would have a negative impact on the game.


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        I agree with the idea but I'm also convinced that it's a risky and difficult task. Anyway i hope it will be considered by R2 team as long as the items are not bound or bound, consequently trade-able or not.
        Furthermore, as I saw in other games, trading is helping a lot the role play in the game and it worth the effort. If there is something that I miss in this game than it's the lack of role play. The game is too rigid as it is up to now and just by adding rigid events will not satisfy the need of in-game diversity, challenges...etc. Not to mention that the guilds have actually no role in this game and no inter-action between them except gb (personally I lost my interest for gb as we fight all the time the same other 3 guilds with the same results and it makes no sense to me anymore to wake up at 3am for that).

        Nevertheless, at least some more exchange options should be included fast. Just 1 example.... lvl 80 legendary stones. I have thousands of them and no use for them. Just selling them means nothing as they are cheep to sell.
        This is Sparta