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Surviving WB big hit

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    caballero not rly, i survive morning boss 240k hp (220kbr mage) with 10k hp left, evening one usually 100k left


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      Ok, after the whip event, I was able to survive the Morning WB hits fairly easily w/ just a 5% HP Scroll on.

      I'm now as follows (unbuffed):
      • 333,003 HP
      • 48,562 PDef, 48,885 MDef
      • 11,471 Block
      • Adv Guardian Rune L2 (54% DR)
      • 34% Base DR (L10 Goddess + 4% Astral Slot Boost)

      I'm using an Evolved Hades, so Devour Soul (on a Crit) will get me close to full HP, and the Enhanced Regen Astral tops me off.

      I run Lightning Bolt, Rain of Fire, Ice Bolt, Thunderer, Restoration. I have Chaos and Adv Guardian Runes. On the late WB, I can survive a big hit w/ just the Resto DR so long as the big hit isn't a Critical.