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  • King's Seal!!

    SO! will the King's Seal disappear if we don't use it till the end of the finals?
    i want to save it coz i want to buy cloudcaller mount which needed 5k king's seal, and if i happen to get 51+ rank i won't get cloudcaller if i don't save my king's seal now. but if it disappear then it would be a waste..
    so does anyone know if it is gonna disappear or we can save it?

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    You can save.


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      it should reset each season of cs gb, same like cw.

      So everyone should be able to get cloudcaller


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        wow ok, thx a lot dudes.
        at last i can get another new mount since boxes never drop for me..... even with 300 boxes from the last event. damn sucks.


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          Indeed, the points will continue to bank roll until the end of the tournament. Save them for something big, or spend them now for an item you may need or want.. but remember, they will not roll into the next seasons event.. so make sure to use them before you lose them.
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