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Sky trail help please

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  • Draconan69
    Remember also BR is just a number...
    I am 130K BR and beat Yaros w/out any fire res crystals.
    Regeneration astral to help keep you alive, Deflection astral to increase damage output.
    Used my only good sylph a 24K BR hades
    rage rune, thunderer, lightning, thunderer, suntoria, awaken, devour soul, Devil Gaze, Endless engulf, devour soul, shadow strike, shadow strike, devour soul, rage rune, thunderer...

    My victory however was extremely dependent on regeneration astral deflect astral and devour soul, as well I'm pretty sure I threw in a healing rune somewhere in there

    but if you convert fire res crystals and get a -25% damage that should more than offset a lack of devour soul healing using whatever sylph does the most damage

    But find what combo allows your character to deal the most damage while staying alive. That will be what you will use for almost every sky trail and Necro and Gods Decent...

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  • KayaBlanche
    So I am 35k short then. OK well got some whips for tonight's event lets see after. Added some fire resistance but I guess I need all sheilds with level 5 gems.

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  • Wraithraiser
    You need to stack resist crystals for that element boss, so if doing fire boss need a lot of fire crystals, use regen astral, do a rage run to fill up rage/sylph awaken then go in again to try and DPS as much as possible and heal only when you really need it, same with all the bosses. 2-10 is a lot harder and after the patch that removed slow only seen people with 200k+ clearing it.

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