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    Every time we get a free gem event it brings on the lag so hard now that my server with 2 more very active servers in it its last merge. Can you please make a filter with our personal won stuff there and not on all the chats? Your killing my game play when 100 people go on and suddenly pop these gem boxes open. I have not even begun yet because its so laggy.
    Could really use an option to hide players in guild battle(only your team), hide players at world bosses, and friendlies in the amethyst mines. Again 50-100 players all here and it makes black squares on both pcs I use. Hiding those you can't attack would certainly cut this down a lot.
    Make a login cool-down for when people try to party you to whatever. This invite makes a laptop seize up. So lets say 30-45 seconds for the login to hopefully load graphics. Aware many people would say buy a new pc. I say sure send me about $2k for a great gaming pc.
    Mentioned this one awhile ago, if we ain't playing in Cloud City REMOVE the players to where they physically are. Its another anchor to lag, like we all spawn in at those steps. That's a nightmare till you can get the hide players to work. Half or more are elsewhere playing

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    Apparently just doing something as simple as removing the gem announcements that nobody cares about and do nothing but create lag is simply too much trouble for the devs. They don't care about reducing the lag.


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      Hi,can you please make effect skill wen wi do criti hit to not see in game? Its make huge lag.I see if i see shadow and not see criti points im fine,wen shadow gone criti hits coming im lag like hell ,even cant move or set skills.Make a seting buton like effect skill to not see.Please.


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        Work in progress I see. Nice idea on 2 levels of ameth mines, but still moderate lags. Agrees with Jibril, need more hide player options. Would certainly help make the game play easier in high traffic areas. Perhaps a player has not moved for XXX minutes or done anything and game disconnects afkers.


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          I think much of the issue has to do with the animations in the game. I did suggest an option to hide the fireworks/snow/roses that drag the game to a halt when used.
          maybe an option to "simplify" the game graphics after a few weeks would be a good option. Give us a few weeks to admire and appreciate the hard work and effort the developers went through to design the amazing graphics, then allow us an option to remove some of the clutter. it would require less flash memory, which would probably help reduce the memory leak, and help smooth out the game for many of us.

          I know in arena, there is the trick to hide clothing to make it run a little better. maybe an in-game option to hide all the clutter would help.
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