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LVL 80 BattleGround

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  • LVL 80 BattleGround

    Anyway we can get lvl 80's in their own battleground, it takes away my want to do BG when I know I can't win going in and seeing there is only 2 of us that are 78 and the rest 80's.

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    Level 80 is really now like 10+ levels all combined. Half the problem is the EXP nerf with talents/HS, where we're forced to level when the game manuals suggested we still needed more BR to compete, so it's spend, die, or quit. This has lots just quitting the game. Remove the EXP nerf, and keep level 80's in pure level 80 teams in their own BG, arena, and everything else. Or, implement levels 81-100 and make it so we can all exist again and play a well-designed game as it was (well-)designed, and not stuck with the greed and thoughtlessness of devs thinking the solution is to chuck everyone into a big vat that says "LEVEL 80, SPEND OR DIE"...because we'll find that third option very often and stop ALL spending by quitting. Or...have you not seen that already with how many have gone inactive since the EXP nerf?