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Golden Road

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  • Littlelyseria
    started a topic Golden Road

    Golden Road

    Heya every1!!

    Anyone else besides me fails to see where the icon or NPC in cloud city is located for this event? or did R2 include this in the update notes but
    didnt include it in the patch like with many other features in the past???

    Almost 2 month btw updates to include 2 events in which 1 of them (sylph defend) is given 0 information is kinda lame to be honest, many guildies
    were asking the times or rewards (other than the exchange) for the event but there's absolutely nothing in-game lol.

    R2 had 1 week to fix stuff but i think they did nothing

  • Bogdan001
    i didnt find golden road too
    furthermore i'm stucked in underground castle not being able to find the exit towards the next level

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