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Whip event and Lvl 8 stable

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  • Whip event and Lvl 8 stable

    HI i have a question
    im near of reach lvl 8 stable but the event dont have reward for lvl 8 (whips boxes etc) if i reach lvl 8 now i can claim any reward in another event later?

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    if it has lvl 8 stable, yes you can

    same for clothing/gem event, it stops at lvl 6/lvl 8, maybe there will be none
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      Right now we don't know if they ever will include level 8 stables in the rewards table or not, they never have before and we don't know what events will happen until they're posted in the news and events section. But in all the past events.. if you had already achieved the level and had not claimed the award for it when offered, you were able to.. so I should think that this would be the same if it ever comes to pass. However do remember, if you claimed an award once, you can not reclaim it later. its a one shot deal.
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        I've been saving all my level 8 gems now for some time hoping for a gem event that includes them, but if next one doesn't I'll probably go ahead and upgrade to nines...