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  • Dear Developer

    Geez, I don't know what's more annoying.

    1. Getting a constant level 3 gems spam - rendering world/party/current chat useless, delaying certain actions, etc.


    2. The need to click thousands of times to collect the rewards.

    Seriously, how hard can it be to 'delete' the notification of 'winning' lvl 3 gems out of 1-3 gem packs? After all you did remove the notification of winning HP Gem packs from the Guild Blessing, right? So, it can't be that hard, amirite?

    And how hard can it be for you to add one 'collect all' button? There was one on the previous event, and suddenly this is vanished - like a damn fart in the wind.

    If you plan to drive us out of your game, then congratulation, you almost, ALMOST had me.

    What's so damn hard of pleasing your customers?
    Gem Spam
    No 'Collect All' Button
    Heto (s157)
    AngryHeto (s43)

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    we will have ALL collect button in the future....Chinese Developer sends in the script to r2 when that will happen...r2 in the meanwhile is handcuffed and can't do nothing about it =D....


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      Personally the collect all button is easily remedieed by downloading an auto clicker program. Granted it may still take a long time depending on how many clicks you have to do, but at least it wont ruin your mouse or computer. However the gem pack spam is extremely pointless. Especially when chances of getting a level 3 gem from a level 1-3 gem pack is relatively high. Added is with this event how many gem packs one will have to open. I know many even the low level players on my server are getting multiple thousands of gem packs.


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        Gem spam for sure. As mentioned, there are...ways...around the click torture, but nothing you can do to filter out the gems messages. Until the majority of people finish opening their 10k+ gem packs, world/party/current are only intermittently usable. If only there was a chat tab for system msgs where they could filter such spam and leave the rest of chat untouched....oh wait.
        Crushing mice is good for the soul...


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          They are both equally annoying and I'm sure that is what we can all agree on. lvl 3 gem spam renders chat useless but some teams use voice chat so it shouldn't bother them as much and the collect all method is taken care of by a third party program.


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            I open my 20k+ packs soon as I finish event, but some trash keeps them around and only opens up large amounts during important events to lag everyone to death which just blows. I think lv1-4 gems are now too common and shouldn't have a place in system messages, just keep lv5 from 1-5 packs and be done with the whole thing.


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              vote too...
              need your support, guys


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                Originally posted by NeedAMerge View Post
                we will have ALL collect button in the future....
                No there won't be, there has been in the past but they got rid of it because they want the time sink.