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Defend sylph atoll

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  • Defend sylph atoll

    Hey R2, can you please give more details on this event? Lots of people are like lost puppies.

  • #2
    well, wait for announcement, form a team.
    When boss appears run like hell to its location, by clicking on the pop up.

    I got the title straight away lol.


    • #3
      I hope they adjust the health of this boss. This boss dies way too fast, I mean way to fast. It died in like 10 seconds on our server and our server is not a uber strong server like some out there.

      And please tell me it is not going to be at random times everyday. Most people have to real life to take care of and can't sit at this game all day long waiting for this boss.


      • #4
        A 4 min warning to get a team and get there is not enough time. Plus its killed within 2 minutes.


        • #5
          Same here, it dies in 10s, but not enough players have participated, so the chests weren't distributed. How is it possible to have enough player then?


          • #6
            the funny thing is that on some older server you will never find a team in time.Before make new things that need more and more online time and players fix all this real bad bugs and problems in the game.With all this bugs i begin to think that some schoolboy fix this game but have not enough time to do it.So stop by do new things and fix the old first so all work