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VIP Wheel - R2Games Rip-off

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  • McXanatos
    started a topic VIP Wheel - R2Games Rip-off

    VIP Wheel - R2Games Rip-off

    I am sure this has been brought up many times already. In fact, I know it has because I used the search function. However, I'm going to bring it up just one more time. Might I ask R2Games a simple question----

    Are you just ignorant or do you not give a darn about the customer?

    You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. The fact that it is true, that 100% of the time I can look at a VIP Wheel and guess the 8 items I get. You know what those 8 items are? The 8 items that are of the lowest rarity.

    Now, don't go and tell me it's based on chance, that it's just luck... because I haven't heard of anyone getting a purple gem lvl 6 or lvl 7 from this. From all my research I have never heard of anyone getting anything but the same 'ol non-rare things.

    If you are going to advertise the VIP Wheel as part of a VIP service, then actually make it have a chance to give the really nice items, instead of landing entirely on the lowest rarity ones first. Do you realize that a casino would get sued out the butthole for something like this? To intentionally rig a gambling wheel to yield the lowest results at all times is ILLEGAL, at least in casino's. Now, I wonder if I were to contact my lawyer (who has won me lawsuits in the past against gaming companies, mind you) about whether or not it is legal for a system like this to be in place in a game, as an advertised product to PAYING SUBSCRIBERS, what would he say?

    Now, that's not something I would do.. Or honestly even want to bother with considering how much a lawyer, especially mine, charges..... However, I urge you R2Games, that if you want to be a company that adheres to the enjoyment of your paying customers, the ones who pay your bills..... Change something. I'm not asking to always get a really nice item, I mean hell.. if you set it at a 5% chance or something for each one, individually, so that I had to play 50 times before I got a decent item... I'd be okay with that. As long as I knew that I had the chance to get something good. As it stands now, I don't even want to play the VIP Wheel because I know I'm just going to get the lowest rarity stuff and will be forced to look at and drool over that level 7 MATK Gem that I will never get unless I dump a ridiculous amount of money into the shop to build it myself.

  • R21114127
    not a ripp off, you just expect to much out of it.

    non vip cant get that free stuff you have gotten which does cost balens, saving you a small amount of balens everyday

    if you think you can get lv6-8 gems for free so easily then your fooling yourself

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