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Unlimited Clothing and Resistance crystal events.

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  • Unlimited Clothing and Resistance crystal events.

    I personally would love to see clothing synthesis and resistance crystal events be unlimited. At this point all of our skilled players know to wait to upgrade these during the events and are banking for them.

    At this point since clothing upgrades are limited I take fashion core and luck charm prices into account. Since I can now get these free in game from the wilds shop I see no point in buying them, even during events, as it will take me months to make level 5 and 6 cloth/wings. I also am ignoring new clothing as I do not have the space to store it. In my current situation I have enough clothing to cover limited events at least thru the end of the year.

    With the current system for resistance crystals I have no great need to purchase any blue or higher maps other than what I need for the 3 lvl 5s a month. Additionally it is a pain planning to be on between tree and server resets to get the additional day of rewards. By making these events unlimited I would be more likely do buy higher quality maps and time management would be less stressful.

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    Hi, Thank you for your suggestion, you have some pretty good points made on most of the items needed for clothing synthesis being easy to get now. Well written, hopefully you get some support from other players