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  • BattleGround!!

    You should balance team in battleground i have a new char in a new server , and i always fight ppl lvl 39 with 45k br!! this is not right how can we upgrade and farm in batleground if we don't fight with same lvl's!!

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    Battlegrounds are bracketed by levels. The bracketing is as follows: lvl.30-39, lvl.35-44, lvl.40-49, lvl.45-54, lvl.50-59, lvl.55-64, lvl.60-69, lvl.65-74, lvl.70-80. I know people with a high battle rating can be frustrating, but its simply a case of how each person builds and works their character.
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      just avoid battlegrounds if you dont want to lose, I go against some monster lvl 60s with 130k br + and a few with 200k br. just shutting up and collecting carts fast mean you wont be attacked much since they cant catch you
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        What?!!? There are actually players other than yourself in your bg's? I truly envy you sir


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          xD wich server you are??


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            Yesterday i was entered in lvl 70+BG 4 times, im lvl 69, 141k BR, so can beat some pleyers on that braket but stune really cupcake me cuz at that lvls HS lvl gap is a bit high and i got 3 rounds stunes, and sometimes do not count runes or awakening.

            As i can only make 2BG and sometimes some mins of the one after WB kill, so just could make 600 honor yesterday plus GB. But that hows game mechanic works.
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