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New pvp gear lvl 55 rings lvl 60 jewelry lvl60

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    you will not be slowed down you can do everything with the 45 pvp set and 50 tinket/ring set, well besides tormented necropolis unless you cash hard and even then I doubt you can do it with just the 45 set and 50 tinket/ring set there is nothing new at lvl60 no new solo dungeon and no new mp dungeon not even a new lvl up quest.


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      i have seen players quiting and about quit in the absence of new gears and contents for the higher level. situation looks bad for the game development as the higher level are all stuck in their current lvl45 - lvl50 gear and being catch up by the entire gaming population. leveling is also being greatly affected... this begins the boredom of the lvl55+ and people will be losing interest. can a GM pls comment on this?


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        the situation is rather simple, we are still playing in a beta phase of the game, it is not an entire game build yet, r2 does not own the game either so a g m would be unable to provide further details until the actual owner of the game releases the data to them and as of yet have not done so i understand way too much how frustrating the lack of content can be and wish this process can be completed sooner rather than later all we can do now is simply either to continue leveling w/o appropriate level gear or use our time to play on a new server until the new gear and content is released
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