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Resistance Crystal Engraving?

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  • Resistance Crystal Engraving?

    well, knowing wartune's trend of advancing certain features in the game, this very thread maybe pointless, im sure they have some plan for resistance crystals,but none the less heres my suggestion:

    it would be cool if they had an engraving system for resistance crystals like what we have for gems or put in some sort of system that can make resistance crystals give us stats, maybe do a thing like what happened to mounts(mount hoof) some sort of item that will give them stats, based on a star system or just add engraving to them

    also that next slot for fate could be used to ignore x amount of resistance for x level, because if we are going to advance resistance even more we may need to put something in place to balance it a bit(or they are probably going to put penetration,crit and block in that slot )
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