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Mount Civet Card??

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  • Mount Civet Card??

    Seriously?? 70 jewel hunt shards for mount 7 days? a non casher will need 70 days to get those shards, and for what? 7 days mount? if someone get all those chests, from 300 to 7k points, u need 7 days, but even then isn't worth to pay those balens on jewel hunt just for a ****** 7 days what's the catch here? what am i missing?

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    The real value of temporary mounts is the additional stat bonus you can train with whips. The mount itself is pretty trivial because it doesn't last long, but it gives you +10 to your max attributes, which is a permanent +50 mount when you max your training. So, not worth it until you have maxed at least one, more likely 2 attributes. The sepulchrums & mahra are a lot more valuable for anyone who's not close to maxing training.

    It can also be handy for certain events, like hall of fame, since it's a noticeable BR boost.

    And it's still a lot faster to get than the evil unicorn, so timing-wise, it hardly seems too unreasonable. Losing out on the chests is what hurts.


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      You mean those sylph chests that drop gold 85% of the time? With the free horns from sky trail i don´t miss those chests at all. But as you said, those mounts are not meant for regular use so Krusty you better ignore them if it upsets you. Temp mounts are for the small extra boost before HoF or CW or as mentioned maxing out stats only imo.

      Edit: And the Civet is the ugliest thing I have ever seen anyway!