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  • R22079212
    started a topic New BIG EVENT


    Event name castle wars only happen(2 times) per week

    in this event you will choose either your blue or red team in each team there are 1 big castle and i big field where each team colide and fight (note team are always equal in terms of number)

    objective you must capture the flag and bring it to your castle if you die the flag drops and can be pick by your team m8 or enemy

    -there are strong npc monster defending the castle g8
    -there is also a strong monster defending the flag so you might wanna use a bait ahahaha xd

    event price

    -in each capture of flag all member in the group will get 5 insignia and 10 to does who capture the flag and bring it to the base
    -in each kill you will get 1 insignia
    -the winning group of the event will recieve 100 insignia and random gem and more 1 random sythethic material and more

  • R22079212
    or maybe if a noob is being attack a higher level can join the battle

    Helping hand option ^^

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  • Hyorinmaru6
    Castle wars i am in+1
    reward for winning team is too much

    Change of reward:

    Winner: 50 insignia,100 honor,1 random level 2 gem and 1 Moderate HP pot

    Losers: 25 insignia,50 honor,1 random level 1 gem and 5 minor HP pot


    Stat pots cannot be used inside the Castle war arena

    Meaning No power potion No Intellect potion No endurance potion and No defence potion

    If a player dies he/she is automatically revived back to their base and will be restored with Full HP

    Hp pots don't work just like BG

    Runes and Scrolls which increase stats are also ineffective

    Troops are not allowed meaning it will be like Mp dungeon where if u solo u won't have troops

    There will be a balancer Buff in order to prevent the level 50s and 40s from Overkilling the weaker ones So anybody can kill anybody like in Sengolia battlegrounds in crystal saga

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  • joboer
    this event just like in game WoW lol

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  • DForest
    everybody will choose the winning side...

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  • DizzieSpider
    +1 to CTF but...
    100 insignia, a random gem, and a synth material... thats a little much for capture the flag...
    I would have to say ("If" the games last 30mins) 25 insignias for playing, 2insigs per defend, 5insigs per capture...

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