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  • clicker

    i need something of ILLEGAL for use my gold in astrals and not stay all days here only for play to astral-tune .

    i'm on mac.

    today i started with 3m gold and after many hours on wartune and on astrals i've 12,6m gold. so i'm really ****** stay all time to click.

    any tips on like have a clicker for mac?
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    Are you really asking that in the forum? Aren't you affraid to get banned lol XD
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      if exist something of legal...

      i've already put many suggestions on add autoclick to free players. soon many ppl when they will have ended all sets will left the game. i know already some ppl that will leave the game after have completed set 80 , for not stay all days in astrals.

      and why i should be banned? wartune should be banned from world. . i gain about 17-20m gold every day and i can't refine all times or put all in contributes. i need them in astrals and i've 530k astrals points. i not click only "10k times". try to count how many clicks i must do with 17m gold and after tell me if i've right or less. no one use all this gold in astrals without use vip or a clicker.

      i not have money for buy a pc (my is destroyed play to this game) and 1 stay for go to hell and not is my . what i should do? i'm a free player!
      every hero has his hamster!


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        Actually, if I recall right, chinese wartune have basicly "collect 5000 astral, sell X(colour) and synthize Y", basicly you can tell the game to collect 5000 astrals, sell all greens, and synthise the rest.

        I think I've seen a picture of it, not 100% sure, so it should come here as well.


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          Please remember the terms of service that you agreed to when creating your character. As a reminder, they can be found here.

          "You are not permitted under any circumstances or for any reason to cheat or utilize third-party applications or code in order to win at, or gain game points or items from any of our Games." Using a third party program would fall under this, so please remember the agreement, and maybe go hit it up for a refresher course, thanks!
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            In addition, this type of thread falls under Rule 13 of the forum rules, which you can also read here:

            Thread closed.
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