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more of a complaint than a suggestion.

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  • more of a complaint than a suggestion.

    ffs r2 we cash because we love the game I know it's a business to you so I understand why everything costs so much. however why the hell do we have to buy so many damn chests to get mounts and slyphs when you are just giving them away for free. It is a most frustrating thing, a player in my guild who is a non casher has received 3 hades seals for free this event.......... yet I buy 200 boxes and get nothing I don't even want another hades that bad it just seems like you are more about the money coming in and making people feel they need to spend more money because the 200 boxes they bought weren't "LUCKY", it seems rather Ludacris and I believe i'll just return to non cashing from here on in. or in turn look for a better game to play. The entire pay to play thing has gotten out of hand for me anyways....... say see you to my fornightly cash in and hello to a big finger, laters Kon
    Welcome to wartune where Trolls are valued above all else.... got something valid to say I'm willing to listen.