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    Pls change arena matching, change to lvl and br, now is for a lvl!

    6 days all arenas loosing....

    They must change this!

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    The best luck I've ever had in getting good matches, is either in running with someone so op that it didn't matter who we faced cause they'd pretty much destroy everything, or, in trying to find a group very similar in strength and level to myself. Throwing sylphs into the mix makes this extremely difficult, but when you get a good team, stick with it. The more you get used to fighting with the same people, the more you'll be able to anticipate what they're going to do, so you can set up your skills to support them, and they you. Running with the same people all the time makes the whole team stronger together.

    But yeah, my map has a notation for the arena, it says "here there be monsters." Sometimes you gotta get a little dirty to have a little fun.