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    If timing could be less of a cross over out between events.

    For example: Battleground at 21:00, as well as, Amethyst mine at 21:00 and then Tank Trials at 21:35. This gives players little chance to prepare themselves and feels like a rush. The same thing occurs in the morning: Battleground at 09:00 (2 battles) overlaps with Tank Trials at 10:00

    So for people who cannot play the entire day it is difficult to try and do as many events as possible to gain the benefits.

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    Huh? It's a rush, but the timing is just right. finish bg , then hop over to mine and collect two carts. Do an mpd, complete a hot event, get on the end of tanks, then wb.
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      I have to agree with jbyram2 on this... The time you are referring to is getting later at night when it is close to time for people to start logging off so it works perfect. You can log on at 2100 and get GB,mines,tanks,WB all done in a little over an hours time. Wish they would do a morning smash up similar to this as well personally.