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  • Duel Rage system

    i know that the duel is based on npc that play a player's character
    but sometimes it is a bit biased
    i am a knight lvl 38 and i have a skill called intercept that reduces rage and almost everyone knows it
    when the duelling npc try to cast a delphic it usually cost 80 or 100 rage and i always intercept them before they cast it
    and i do get the first turn before the delphic was cast out, on my lvl 2 intercept with QTE i reduce 50 rage, so it should not be possible for them to use delphic right?

    but for some reason after i use intercept the npc can use delphic and in the end im the one who always lost.

    is this how the duel should be or is it a bug?

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    This is a known bug atm, it is being looked into.


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      It is a bug, sadly we have to deal with it 'cause the devs like new contents more.
      The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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        have any body reported this to the bug section?