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The reason why players afk at battle grounds

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    Your math is flawed you forgot to add the grand time of entry into the equation. Also, if you do join super early you can see who's on the opposing team in advance and leave early. For someone who types up essays on a whim you crumble to the floor quite easily. If you put as much effort into these forum posts as you SHOULD of done formulating a real plan of action for BG. You wouldn't be complaining right now. This game is not fair. This game will never have legitimate balance. Just get used to it. Afkers are PARASITES. I don't care what your excuse is. You play the match win or lose instead of going on facebook to check on farmvile or *** you were doing.


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      Except when you forgot to include when everyone is leaving the game and do exactly what you said, try to formulate a plan for me in this state, Einstein.

      Players aren't stupid, and afkers aren't parasites, and there is a reason why players afkers, that's because your matching system SUCKs big time. Stop swifting your responsibility to the players instead. Of course I know no games are absolutely fair, but to the least don't try to impress me with your funny comments.

      Excuse? I am making excuse? There are so many players afk in your BGs, are your eyes having problem seeing..., or what? A man in his sweet dream of denial state can't even see things properly lol..., well good luck on that anyway

      "Get used to it"? Huh... That's the best you can do? Talk about irresponsible lol... Is that the best reply you can offer me? Better to be "sorry I am unable to do anything regarding of this matter".

      "Play the match win or lose"? Are you trying to be funny here? Because if you are, I can tell you that it isn't funny at all. Not even one bit.

      Half the team of 20k BR guarding the entrance of the door base, one step off and you will be ko directly. Your revive time is more than enough for each of them to make another 3 kills on whoever that step across the border line, in my case, Cerden alone is able to make 11k damage on an one hit ko on me.

      oic.. If you mean game, yes there is. I know there is one big AFK game in the BG, where everyone is gathering in base chatting, probably that's the meaning why the base is provide for us - to afk xD

      That's how ridiculous your current BG is. Two words for you.

      FIX IT


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        GreyPhoenix, it is just pure bad luck on your part. The conspiracy paranioa is way out place.

        In one guild where I was member, our GL always try to put us in one team in BG. Every time we start he will always tells to wait in guild chat for his signal to click join. It does not work. Most times we are not even in the same competing team.

        I think the easier explanation for the system is that when you clicked, you are put in team where a slot is available. That's it.

        Anyway, BG is not about killing. It's about carting or mining. Winning team gets 80 insignias, and losing team gets 30. Killing is just personal, ways to get honor faster.

        I often laugh at team with "More than the Grimm Reaper" Killers when their team loses. Very satisfying to tell them they win the kills, we win the insignias.

        Whatever the reason, AFK is not good. You may not win the kills, but winning by mining is way more important for the Team. Getting shards, synthesizing chest, and getting loots from the chest is really nice. Honors they come anyway, by killing or by carting.

        My take.
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          Lol, I love your essays Grey, write moar. Although, please fix some of the grammar mistakes.
          The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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            I am a person who believe zero percentage in the word "coincidence". This word never exist in my dictionary, and will never do in the rest of my life.

            You can tell me how the matching system work, but its not going to make me believe even a cent of it. I appreciate for your kind intention, but in order for Cerden to login the BG at the same timing as I did, (which sometimes I login at :01, 03, or 05 due to afking for a small rest after the arena), so, unless Cerden has a sense of a fox there is no way he could follow up my timing for 3 days in a row.

            You guys are just purely been misleaded as usual.

            Though I am a person who believe in logics and reasonings, but still I have high relies on another sense of mine - my intuition. Since I started to notice everyone has an intuition of their own, it gets sharper and increased accuracy when time passes. I have great confidence on my intuition.

            From the day I joined this game, my guild leaders, my guild mates, all telling me one same old thing:
            Matching in arenas are decided by their BRs, some even says its the ranking.

            Who told you the arena's matching are affected by BRs? The Wartune officers? lol

            My intuition told me the different thing.

            I am the first person in all the entire Wartune servers, who notice that the matching in arenas are greatly affected by one's level.

            My previous guild is Adsumus, the guild leader is Lirain. I have opened mentioned my thoughts in the guild chats, everyone in the guild heard what I am talking about. You can find proofs of evidence there.

            Don't believe it? Try it.

            And today I am telling you that there is something weird about the matching system of the BGs. You believe it, then take it. Do not believe it, then drop it. I do not know the exact formula how the matching affect, but there is one thing I can tell, because I sensed it so hard that in my feeling here. It has something to do with the VIPs positioning, or anyone who has balens in their accounts, who knows, anyone who is identified as a cash players. That's all I know so far.

            Evidence and data will be collected in the incoming BGs, I will not say anything for sure now, since I still, may have chances to be wrong, I haven't tested and convince with it yet. But from every piece of data I will collect one by one, and I have great confidence that I will prove everyone of you wrong here. Just like I proved to Lirain's that I were correct about the arena's.

            Well, that is, if they can modify the coding in their matching system how they assign their targets in such a short time :\, if they can, that is.


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              Battlegrounds were advertised at the beginning as divided into two groups, one for 30-39 and the other for 40+, so no you are not the "first person to notice", and yes if you are level 41 you will probably be getting matched against higher level people most of the time because you are at the low end of the spectrum. However, if you are 7K BR and level 40 there is something wrong. Without buying gems or spending anything, anyone should have at least 16-18k BR by the time they are level 40, 22-24k at 45 (unlock 45 pvp set), 24-26k at 50 (unlock crypt set).

              Beyond that, the matching system for BG has already been explained to you repeatedly. You go on one team, the next person to join goes on the other team. There is no other factor. Test it for yourself with another person or group, join them at the same time and you will see. Either way, it's not an excuse to AFK. Unlike team arena, a stronger team in BG can lose anyway because of AFKs, or just because they are all mining and not killing, which is usually what happens once they reach champion rank. Also you have the druid buff. If you die twice in a row you get 20% stat boost, and additional 10% each time you die after that. You can kill anyone with that if you use it properly.


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                If you were smart you would of stayed 39 like I advised my guildies to do to get champion. There are also two exits... People can't guard both at once. If you die you die, but if you die twice in a row you get a buff. Your lack of effort is your downfall. I'm glad you don't run a company or everyone would be out on the streets right about now.


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                  I have a non-casher big-fat-defense-hp knight that I use to fight BG's Grimm Reapers. I know at my level I canot out-damage them but I fight them any way because I know they will spend more time killing me and less on my team mates.

                  I deliberately seek out these Grim Reapers (after getting a cart, ofc) and let them waste their time on me. By doing these, I know Im helping the team by giving Grimm Reapers less time to kill my other team mates and denying Grimm Reapers their MVP. In the course over around 25 minutes, the time they spend killing me just accumulates.

                  Now it's funny, that veteran Grimm Reapers avoid me because I'm equivalent to about 2 kills at a time or about 6 kills through out one BG session. But if they wont chase me, I chase them with my cart behind me. LOL.

                  Just sharing, to show you that you can make mockery of these biggies and cashers if you just peep out a bit from your conventional thinking box.

                  My take.


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                    I'm FREE player .. ranked 13 in honor and can do more if i care for it .. just if u used to hit BG button in same time every day .. try to delay it today .. and u will see
                    new BG
                    OneLove .. S7

                    One Team .. One Dream


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                      For Sekai, what I am talking here about the level's affection is arena -.-, not BGs zzz, BG I haven't found out what's exactly wrong with that, so I can't be sure about it. Of course I know BGs are separated by 2 different levels group, one below the 40s, another one the 40s, yes thanks, I know about that.

                      For choukage, there is a limitation trying to talk to someone who is unwise. The funniest thing is you are still able to bring out an example of a company here to give me a lecture while yourself needed to be brief on some basics about the mathemathics...

                      You seems unable to understand what is the meaning of "1 hit ko" and the revive time needed to take when someone been killed.

                      When a player as strong as Cerden can make an 11k damage on only one single hit on you, blessing will not help much. This has nothing to do with effort. Mathemathics does. You have to work more on your maths, so you would at least have an idea how many total Dryiad blessing you must obtain (means how many times you must die, followed by the time taken by your revival), in the limited time in the BGs, in order to exchange for one kill.

                      Only an idiot will continue to proceed on a path that is already defined wrong. Guts has nothing to do with it.

                      I know the matching system has been explained to me repeatedly, but it still could not explain how Cerden could appear in 5 of my matches in 3 continuous days. None of you here can explain this. None of you here. If the matching system does work as you said, then by logical this will not be happening at all. All of you can only tell me that I am having a bad luck or a bad day, but you can't explain it.

                      The same as you are wondering about myself why I do not believe how the matching worked as you said, its the same from me here, I am wondering why as well, a 5 matches with a same name, in an fixed team, in 3 days continuously, why does this brings no suspicions to you. You do not even try to doubt it, that's the problem here. You just simply believe what you are being told, and you are trying to pass the message to me.

                      As I mentioned, I am not a believer of coincidence, I never do. When you gave me a situation which, I could see (1) A same top player called Cerden, appear in the opposite of my team, (2) in 5 of my matches continuously, these two "coincidences" are more than enough to tell me that there is something wrong is happening. And its more than enough to let me wanting to find out the answer myself.

                      There will be datas in BGs and it will be used as a reference. By the data collected and statistic been made, then that's something worth to be believed rather than a simple word called luck. If I am wrong, then I am wrong, if I am right, then its time for me to quit without a doubt. Only an idiot will continue to play if what I had assumed, is correct.


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                        Apparently, you're an idiot then cause you continue to play the game but afk it? You've been broken by this Cerden guy. Sounds like you might as well just quit the game and try another server. ^_^ I get hit for 11k in one turn because I have no defense or poorly chosen astrals and go on a forum rant. Maybe you're a bad person and that's why you get cerden on the opposing team.


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                          Originally posted by choukage View Post
                          Apparently, you're an idiot then cause you continue to play the game but afk it? You've been broken by this Cerden guy. Sounds like you might as well just quit the game and try another server. ^_^ I get hit for 11k in one turn because I have no defense or poorly chosen astrals and go on a forum rant. Maybe you're a bad person and that's why you get cerden on the opposing team.
                          Yeees we want kharma related balance in BGs Kage DDD


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                            Originally posted by choukage View Post
                            Apparently, you're an idiot then cause you continue to play the game but afk it? You've been broken by this Cerden guy. Sounds like you might as well just quit the game and try another server. ^_^ I get hit for 11k in one turn because I have no defense or poorly chosen astrals and go on a forum rant. Maybe you're a bad person and that's why you get cerden on the opposing team.
                            Or Cerden really has the "sense of fox". Cerden should be ban for being a foxy.


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                              Choukage is a person unwise and unfit enough to participate in a thread responces. When I am talking something about A, he will responce something about B. When I am talking something about C, he will responce something about D. Unlike some other repliers in the early thread whom can still offer me mature and good points of advises, he never seems to get the focus of the point, but wanted to show off his "wisdom" to the others impatiently all the time, without providing any logics, or facts supporting his words behind. There is totally nothing behind to support his words, his "insides" are all empty.

                              I will prove it to you why in the next few sentences.

                              Cerden may be strong but one person cannot win the game. If you provide him a team of 20k BRs players and in return in the other side, limit the BRs of the players, then that is a different story. Thus even though if he can make 11k damage on any players in the map, as long as the team distribution is even, the game is still playable. But it isn't.

                              For a team half of them full of 20k BRs players, while the other side has none on it, no one could hardly pass the borderline into the crystal field. This is not a game. There is NO game. Did you get it now Choukage (which I need to point it out so directly the focus of my points to this guy like I need to feed the food till inside his mouth with a spoon like a baby lol.) This is the point of focus.

                              So if I review back the "comments", "solutions", and "ideas" what this guy Choukage can offer, I could rephrase them all, and put it into one beautiful, group of sentences. Now let's see.. here is what he said....

                              "Just get used to it"
                              "Told me to get a buff in blessing to kill off Cerden"
                              "And if I can't do that, its because the lack of effort is my downfall (lol, maths problem)"
                              "Is able to advise someone else how to build up a company"
                              "Quit the game"
                              "Try another server"

                              Immature. Naive. Childish. Point blank show off. Poor understanding in mathemathic. A natural surrenderer, whom is get used to it, quit the game, or try another server style.

                              When you want to express your points, its through data, analysis, statistic, facts, and evidence. Not by a few big words but empty points within it, mr big guy Einstein. I will elaborate the data I had gained in BG in my next post.

                              Today here is my first list of data on the BG participated. I were seldomly wrong in my intuition, I have already told you that. The data I gained today, shows up almost exactly what I had predicted yesterday. Who in this forum or in the server has ever done that except me? No one else. I am the first one to discover on this.

                              Cerden appear in my match again today and in an opposite team again. This make it the 6th match which we both landed on a same room, an exact opposite team. Even probability cannot support this kind of fact.

                              I believe there is a purpose why god sent me here to play the game. Today there is a person who reveal to you the secret facts inside the game, and if you are still persistent to believe that the players are being put one after another, that for a coincidence that can be happening and be repeated for a 6th time, I have no more words, even god cannot help you on your stubborness.

                              I will be needing some time to post next and rearrange the data I gained.


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                                Nothing personal but you must of suffered a head injury. Several people told you to ditch a game if you see him on the opposing team.... But, hey instead you want to afk it get some free honor and insignia.... Can't wait for your pie chart. You're worse than PixieBabe when it comes to afk bging. At least shes improving.... Seems like you going in the opposite direction. God must not like you if he keeps making Cerden wreck your team while you afk and collect data on your pokemon blue.