There are systems in other games where non-cash players earns in-game currencies without actually shelling out cash.

One of the most interesting is, AD Sponsors providing in-game currencies. All a player to do is respond to the AD Sponsors requirement either by clicking the ADs, visiting the site, or answering surveys.

It's like a paid-to-click thing. The coordination between the AD Sponsors and R2 will keep tab of these things, which R2 can credit the balen earned in-game.

Good thing about it is, everyone wins. The AD Sponsors gets hits, R2 gets to earn, and players doesn't need to shell out real cash.

Of course, there is a limit to how many ADs a player can respond to or how much balens a player can earn per day. The trade off is, players may not have to spend real cash but they have to spend more time. I think it is a pretty balance system.

I dont know the details and mechanics of this system, but R2 Games should really consider and study this system as to give incentive to their growing numbers of free players.

My take.