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    Hi with luck i manage to get 200 Kit's Supplement and i am in doubt on witch sylph to get:
    - i have already purple Eve so no point in taking it again
    - iris - i already have a 1* blue iris with Rain Dance and Triton doesn't have good skils
    - Amazon - on par with Eve as far as dmg goes and not as good *** hades (waiting for one)
    - Pan - a forgotten sylph but with good support skills for sylph arena, arena and CSGB

    Witch one should i take?

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    Really it is personal preference as to which pet you put your designs on. it is not for me to say but what pet would fit best into your battle plans. I do see very few Evo pans in my travels but many evo gaia and amazon queens. In the end though, please check over the skills for each and work your plans from that and good luck
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      My first evo pet will be Hercules but i was thinking ahead for my second evo pet; Cerberus is in the same class as Hecules damage dealer although AQ has some AOE skills. Since there are so few Medusas and her skills are awesome for the team (+30% dmg, -50 res reduction, awakening points steal) was thinking of getting one for support.


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        Triton has a lot of good skills, the problem is that you can't switch between them, and not all are useful at the same time.
        I would pretty much go with the pan, so you can get a medusa. It's so useful to have one of those available for arena, atoll bosses, and even spire can be pretty great.
        A cerberus would be good too, I like their skills, but a hercules is as good or better most of the time.


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          If you're already aiming to get a sylph consider all your options, especially since in later patches you'll need 2-3+ sylphs for a lot of events (CW/ guild boss / etc)

          atm I have a Herc and a Cerberus for DPS and an iris for support (waiting still on tear shards to evolve it), Medusa is a nice support sylph also, might be pretty useful in sylph events to boost your dmg output and such.

          Also depends on your class, if you're a mage would say Medusa better, but as a knight or archer Cerberus would be more useful when it comes to sylph events.


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            I am a mage. Tyvm for your input so far. I will wait a little until i exchange it (i still have 10 days left). I am inclining for Pan/Medusa for now and next idk we will see. If you have suggestions please let me know.


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              My advice is grind water/fire/wind/electro pets manually and use the exchange to single-mindedly get Divinity Shards (unless you never plan on getting Light and/or Dark pets, of course).

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                Well i will be to old before i will get 500 shards free and i will be happy with only Hades not aegis. Maybe in the future we will get them cheaper. We will see.