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Tormented Necro, R2 con or legit chances of drops?

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  • Tormented Necro, R2 con or legit chances of drops?

    Hi just wondered what people thought, i've spent maybe $30 or more on blitzing tormented necro, havnt got 1 formula ( i blitz lv 10 & 15 which say they can drop) so question is anyone know the odds? as so far all i get 99% of the time is lvl 3 gems, which 1 crypt key in cats out performs that. No lvl 9 formula's (and i could of brought 3 of them by now) and no lvl 10 which i cant buy.

    Anyone get these drops and if so how much did it cost you?

    Just thinking drop rates in this game seem a little rigged to me.

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    I don't blitz necro often (more often now since I don't spend keys on cata blitz) but out of maybe 50-100 blitzes done in my wartune lifetime (really rough number, but haven't done more than 100 that's for sure) have gotten about 4 lv9s formulas + 2 extras of same type that I had to sell, and very recently got a lv10 and lv11 one day after another. Drop rate is low, but if you keep on doing it over time you'll get it eventually.


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      I got a level 10 scroll this morning.


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        Well over the year, I've received all level 9 and 10 scrolls for free blitzing necro, usually 3-10 days between each formula drop for me.


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          i have spend over $500+ and still missing

          PATK 12
          PDEF 10,12
          MATK 11,12
          MDEF 12
          Crit 12
          HP 10,12
          Charisma 10,11
          Block 11,12

          and am guess am need gonna spend arount $3000 before i got the last once
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            i got for most gems lvl 10 and lvl 11 formula from necro blitz. I blitz maybe around 100-150 times dont know exact number